About Mt Morava Store


Highly-versatile and perfect for decorating any space, kilims are visually stunning yet cozy, exquisite yet durable, and have indubitably stood the test of time whether they are used as rugs or as decorative wall hangings. Ilda Bruko decided to launch Mt. Morava Artisans during a spontaneous trip in 2015 to southern Albania where she was delighted by the incredible sights of the Morava mountain range as well as the talented and hard-working local women artisans she encountered.




The Albanian handmade kilims, a type of flat weave woolen rug, stood out as striking statement pieces with vibrant geometric patterns of passionate self-expression, prompting Ilda to then spend the rest of her time in the country learning more about kilims and the women who make them. Those same kilim patterns that she was intuitively drawn to later inspired the Mt. Morava Artisans’ logo, a woman in a power pose depicted in the stylized hands-on-hips female figure, superimposed on the Albanian flag’s two-headed eagle.


These days Ilda travels to Albania to not only find unique and beautiful hand woven pieces that can be proudly displayed in your home, but also to meet with women artisans to discuss their shared passion for the ancient kilim-weaving tradition and to do their part to ensure that, despite the ever-increasing modern industrialization, the craft is lovingly preserved and passed on to the next generation.

Pairing the female dominated field of kilim weaving with the global gender pay gap puts women artisans at a distinctive economic disadvantage, and it is our ambition to give socially conscious buyers an opportunity to expand their access to a rare market of quality, handmade kilims made with care by Albanian women artisans. All wool and a yard wide, the Mt. Morava Artisans company only buys kilims at 100% the full retail price so local women artisans can make a fair and living wage off their hard work.

Brightly-colored with lovely zigzags and stunning motifs, Albania’s kilims bring robust energy to a room and provide contrast and definition to more minimal, modern furnishings. A feast for the eyes, eclectic rugs emphasize striking patterns that will add impact to any space and captivate the attention of every onlooker. Their rich texture and durability make for more than trendy pieces, as these flat woven rugs will leave a lasting impression and complement all types of décor.




It is Mt. Morava Artisans’ mission to revitalize, showcase, and ensure the sustainability of the rug weaving tradition for future generations. We want to make Albanian handmade kilims available on a wider platform in order to support Albania’s women-owned enterprises and allow the conscious consumer access to rare products from the convenience of their own home.




Passion for tradition


We are committed to honoring and preserving the endangered tradition of handwoven kilims by working with the best women artisans in Albania. Our kilim collection is carefully handpicked and curated not only for their legitimate reflection of authentic Albanian traditional styles but also for the visual appeal of their effervescent and bold designs that we know our customers will love and that will complement and liven up any surroundings, no matter the style or furnishings. Your purchases ensure that traditions like Albania’s rich heritage and art of hand weaving traditional kilims is not obliterated by modern industrialization, but that it is dotingly passed on from generation to generation with dignity.


Dedication to ethical consumption

We are proud and humbled to connect Albanian artisans with a global marketplace for free and we believe we have a responsibility to put our money where our principles are. Our products are purchased at full asking price with no binding contracts so that women artisans in Albania can make a fair and living wage. We want to empower our like-minded consumers to spend their money ethically. If you’re like us, you care about shopping your values in solidarity with creating economic opportunities and advancement for women, championing cultural sustainability and the handmade revolution stemming from small scale producers, as well as countering a culture of mass consumption and production.